Lift Upgrades & Modernization

Modernization makes an elevator safer, more efficient and more attractive. As a result, the building itself gains a more modern image and inherently more value. The riders’ experience improves as well, through reduced waiting time, better comfort and improved reliability — all leading to increased confidence and greater peace of mind. We undertake major projects in Lift, Elevators Upgrades & Modernization projects in Kenya

When is it time to modernize?

It’s time to consider modernizing if any of these are true…

  • You’re unsure if the elevator complies with current code and safety standards
  • People wait too long in the lobby
  • Passengers complain about poor floor leveling, ride comfort or noise
  • The building’s use has changed since the elevator was first installed
  • The elevator:

– is more than 10 years old
– looks worn and out-of-date
– gets overcrowded
– shuts down often
– has a negative effect on rental and property values

Our latest Modernization Programs include projects done in the following corporate

  • Cannon House (LapTrust)
  • British American  Insurance- Britak House, Old wing
  • Mapa House – Kiambu
  • Williamson House – Milimami
  • New waumini house